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Thursday, July 1, 2010

The year so far...

Oh my, how time flies. I wish I could update this more regularly. I'd like to promise myself that I will update this weekly or monthly, but I hate empty promises to myself. This year has been wonderful to the Rojo family. I cannot complain, we have truly been blessed with lots of work and lots of health. That being said, I just lost my job last week and the girls have been sick for the past two weeks. I know, it kind of contradicts my last sentence, but the job loss and the sicknesses are so temorary compared to the permanent happiness I feel when I am with my beautiful wife and girls. I was laid off on Friday last week. Huge surprise. Huge. I have some great leads though, and I think the future is bright. I gotta wear shades. Tami finished second grade tis year and is looking forward to being a third grader. I remember when I was going to be a third grader at Del Cerro Elementary. My teacher was Mrs Amstead and the main reason I was looking forward to the third grade was that as a third grader you are priveledged enough to ride your bike to school. I was stoked. There is no way in this day and age that I would even contemplate letting my third grader ride her bike to school alone. She can ride her bike to school when she's a student in college. Maybe. We'll see. Earlier this month, I completed my second ultramarathon. It was a 33 mile race in the mountains in Big Bear, Ca. I finished in a little over 8 hrs. The altitude about did me in. I was exhausted by the time the race was over. I was so sore! I had to get in my car and drive home right away though, because I had work the next morning. It was so much fun, it definitely was not my last ultra. I may try to do a 50 miler next year...
Guaci continues to work at the mall and is doing quite well. They have offered her leadership positions several times but they are asking her to work crazy hours. She is more dedicated to her family than she is her job so she has turned them down every time. Arianna is learning to read this year and is doing so well. She will be in kindergarten next year and will be a reading machine! I'm so proud of my little girls. The Rojos Rock!
*Also, we had to put our beloved dog Tara down. She had so many tumors on her body and was in a lot of pain. She was the best dog I've ever had. She will be missed. Big time.