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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Summers over...

Well summer is gone and the cold weather has started creeping in. I like the cold weather for about two weeks and then I'm ready for summer again. I feel the same whenever summer arrives though. It's hot for about two weeks and then I'm ready for some cooler temperatures. I guess I'm never satisfied with the weather. Guaci's brother was here for a couple of weeks in September. We all really enjoyed his visit an look forward to her parents and older sister Ani arriving next month. We just moved to Henderson, NV at the end of August, and I also started working for Whiting-Turner again. I had lost my position with them last summer due to lack of projects in the area but now I am with them again. I hope this will last at least until I am done with my schooling. Speaking of schooling, my oldest daughter Tami started 2nd grade this year and I am taking Hospitality Managment classes at CSN. Guaci started working for Ann Taylor Loft here in Las Vegas recently and they love her there. Of course they do, she is a selling machine! I'm so proud of her!

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