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Monday, June 23, 2008


Guaci's parents were here throughout May. We had a lot of fun while they were here and managed to get down to Arizona one weekend for my niece's baptism. I especially enjoyed all the great Spanish food that my mother in law made. She made tortilla espanola, ensaladilla rusa, croquetas, ropa vieja, caldo de huevo, and so many more great dishes that we haven't had in a long while. I also turned 32 on the 4th. I feel like I'm 25 though. But with more aches and pains and a few gray hairs.


So much for trying to get in at least one post a month. April flew by without much excitement. I continued with the remodelling of our home, trying to get prepared for the arrival of Guaci's parents from Spain on April 29. Well, they arrived and I had not gotten nearly as much done as I had hoped for. Most of the wooden floors were installed throughout the house with the exception of the stairwell. Most of the the tiling was done as well, with the exception of the bathrooms. House was painted, some new furniture was bought (Thanks IRS refund!) and all in all, the house looked really nice by the time the in-laws arrived. To be honest, I still have a few things that need to be done, ie. some baseboard that needs to be installed and a few things in the master bath. Guaci's dad helped us out a lot by doing the tile in the bathrooms as well as the entryway. He also changed out one of the bathroom sinks and put in a pedestal sink.