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Friday, March 28, 2008

Facebook Rocks!

I joined the facebook community a few months back to follow the crowd. It seemed at the time the cool thing to do. It still is. I have been able to touch base with many people that I have not spoken to in years. Today I got in touch with another old friend that I haven't spoken to in about ten years or so.
One of the features on facebook that I like is "Owned". It's hard to explain what it is without it sounding a little creepy, but let's just say, somebody bought me for$12,000!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Family addition

No, Guaci is not prego. We got a DOG!!! I was working a few days ago and Guaci called and said this lady was selling miniature Dobermans and she was getting one for the girls. I don't know if she was asking me or informing me. Anyway, they picked out a 6 week old dog and took him home. When I got home, I asked Tami what the dog's name is. I was expecting something like Stitch, or Koda,or something. But no. She named him Eric.!???? I said," umm Tami? Are you sure you want to name him Eric? What if you're at the park and you yell,'Hey Eric' and some boy runs over to you?" She agreed and so she decided on calling him Coby, after Guaci's German Shepard that she had when she was growing up. So far, he's been well behaved. He cried a lot the first night though because he misses his mama. We're excited to have him with us, and I know he's already made the girls so happy. They can't wait to get home when we go somewhere so they can play with him.
On another note, I can't believe I didn't write anything in February! I can get lazy sometimes. I'm not promising that I'll write something every day, or even every week, but I'll try to get some inkling of an update a couple times a month. So check up on us from time to time.
I'll be working on a new project starting on Monday. We are doing a remodel at the Caesar's Palace Forum Shops. Finally, after six months at the Springs Preserve we finished our punchlist. Now on to bigger and better things.